Group Picture of The BURNOUTS at The Rock

“We exist......and we're out here............doin’ stuff.”

B.U.R.N.O.U.T.S. - Bemused Utterly Repugnant Nation Of Useless Tainted Souls™

The B.U.R.N.O.U.T.S. don’t even rank as high on the food chain as a bumblebee, a cockroach or the common earthworm. Species like that at least contribute in some way, shape or form, to the environment’s eco-system and probably enjoy, or at least live, their short little lives to the fullest as best they know how, unlike the B.U.R.N.O.U.T.S. . Yes, the B.U.R.N.O.U.T.S., an embarrassing yet elusive sector of humanity that serves little or no purpose in the universe whatsoever.

There are several different species within the B.U.R.N.O.U.T.S., all of which possess their own individual outlandish imperfections which define their characters as nothing less than a sensational fit for a member of the Bemused Utterly Repugnant Nation Of Useless Tainted Souls. These imperfections are worn arrogantly like medals and are easily spotted at distances by other members of the Human Race.

Whether we know it or not, or want to admit it, we have all dealt with or deal with one on a daily basis. Most of us even have one somewhere in our family tree that we elect not to discuss in mixed company. In every day life, there may be one that pumps your gas, or hand dries your car with a towel. They probably wash your dishes (or not) at the local diner, too.

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